About Terry Hire Photography

Terry Hire received his BFA and BA from the University of Tennessee and has lived in the Belfast area for thirty-five years, but now is a resident of Lincolnville. He is a designer and gardener. His focus in photography is on the abandoned man-made environment. You may see Terry's work at, among other places, the Kingman Gallery in Deer Isle, Maine and the Maine Farmland Trust Gallery in Belfast, ME.

He says this about his work, "Using the camera to paint images from beyond our reach and aiming toward the reality beneath the surface texture, I work with the built environment to create Abstraction. I reduce it, free the tangible to represent another dimension. References often emerge but they are subordinate to the aesthetic whole. It is a process of discovery, not of preconceptions. The forms and color---building blocks in my sculptural yet two-dimensional images---allows one to slide behind the obvious and to access the emotional landscape within." 

Sarah Young is noted for having said, "We see the tip of the iceberg, but submerged beneath the surface of the visible world are mysteries we can only begin to understand."

"How sweet light is, how delightful it is to see the sun! And whenever God gives someone...the ability...to find contentment in his work, this is a gift from God. For such a person will hardly notice the passing of time, so long as God keeps his heart occupied with joy." Ecclesiastes